Editing and publication

Don’t let a small error cause you great consequences.

The quality of any text is judged not only by its content, but by its presentation. Poor grammar, misspellings, typos, formatting inconsistencies, and any other kind of error on the page can negatively affect your message and your reader’s perception of you or your business, thereby making your efforts less effective in attaining the results you want.

As a consummate editor, I pride myself on creating content for my clients that is 100% error-free, and I guarantee to do the same for you. Plus, besides addressing surface issues, I’ll use my years of experience and expertise as an English major and professional writer to provide more global suggestions for improving your text in order to make it the very best it can be.

Let me put the magic of WordWise on your materials to get them ready for publication or presentation, including:

  • Academic dissertations, theses, or papers (see testimonials below)
  • Books and novels
  • Website content
  • Resumes
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing materials
  • Blogs
  • Any piece of text with your name (and reputation) on it!

I know– sometimes it’s best to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, so take a look at what my clients have to say about my standards of quality and professionalism by reading some testimonials.

For a free consultation and an estimate tailored to your specific needs, email me or call me at 919-971-3568 — I’m certain you’ll be glad you did!


WordWise Creations

Leveraging the power of words


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