Does your child need help with writing or English? 

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics and the National Center for Educational Progress, 4 out of 5 students are not proficient writers. Such figures are alarming because, from grade school to college to career, writing is a critical skill for success.

Yes, writing can be difficult, and many kids claim to “hate” it and English class– but that’s only because they haven’t had the right teacher or been given the tools they need.

As an experienced teacher and a professional writer, I’m here to help. My writing and English tutorial services will provide useful strategies to heighten students’ confidence while building their skill set and paving the way for future success.

I can help your son or daughter learn to produce A+ work for writing assignments including:

  • Essays and research papers
  • College admission essays
  • End-of-course (EOC) or end-of-grade (EOG) test preparation
  • Homework
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • …and more

Whether your child needs assistance with writing complete sentences, or more advanced guidance for crafting strong thesis statements or organizing arguments for essays, I will work to help them hone their writing skills. I also offer English tutorial services to assist students with reading and reading comprehension.

With an encouraging, nurturing spirit and a personalized teaching plan based on your specific needs and budget, I’ll make learning to write easy, affordable, and fun!

Email me today or call me at 919-971-3568 for a free consultation.

Leverage the power of words.

Leveraging the power of words


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