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Blogs are useful marketing tools that allow you to reach audiences and promote your brand by providing product- or service-related information. By offering readers and potential customers useful information or guidance, you can increase your authority in your field while also gaining recognition for your business as an industry thought leader. Plus, as a marketing tool, blogs have lasting value, the chance to be viewed by readers again and again over the years.

In fact, evidence shows that, “If You Blog, They Will Come.”

My advanced research skills and existing bed of knowledge (as a proud nerd) enable me to write on a wide range of topics while applying SEO and keyword placement strategies. Following are just some of my published blogs, written for clients in the fields of education and technology:

A Thank You from WizIQ on National Teacher Appreciation Week

Virtual Data Rooms: The Future of Information Storage is Here

Hip Hip Hooray! Three Cheers for Cloud File Collaboration

Wait– “Backup” a Minute– Is Your Data Really Safe?

How Virtual Classrooms Can Promote 1-1 Student Conferencing

Do You Really Need a Cloud Aggregator?

A Primer in Effective Questioning: Strategies for Classroom & E-Learning

A Second Look at Questioning in the E-Learning Classroom

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Android Cloud Storage

Using Classroom Response Systems to Engage and Assess Students

CloudFuze: A Secure Cloud Storage Solution for Desktop and Mobiles

Save Time and Money with Efficient Cloud Storage Management

Dialogic Teaching in Pursuit of 21st-Century Learning

Let’s develop an effective blogging strategy to boost your business! Email me today or contact me by telephone at 919-971-3568.



Leverage the power of words.

Leveraging the power of words


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