Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work

Editing and publicationWe all act as editors of our own work – whether it be a formal text like an article or a well-crafted email. But at times, too much editing (too early) can really get in the way of writing, and bad writing makes editing a moot point. One simple rule to follow for any writer is to avoid editing while you’re writing; instead, just write, let the ideas flow, and save the editing for later. When you’re ready to begin editing, address larger global changes to structure first, before worrying about the smaller local issues like grammar and spelling. Also, cut that text down – by 10% or more! Wordiness is the mark of bad writing, and it’s easy to get wordy if you’re following the first rule and not self-editing as you go, and there are some common phrases that are redundant and can be easily omitted. Other tips include…


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