Why Do Smart PhD Candidates Hire a Dissertation Editor?

Dissertations need editors.

Isn’t your degree worth a good editor?

Writing a dissertation to complete your PhD program and earn your degree can be incredibly stressful and exhausting without the right support. Researching and writing the paper, on top of your teaching, studies, and other typical doctoral program responsibilities, can leave you overwhelmed and “in-the-weeds” as deadlines approach. Academic advisors and fellow students can be helpful, but they are often as busy as you are and don’t always have the time to give your work the attention it deserves.

That’s where a good dissertation editor comes in.

Doctoral students are often too close to their work to see it clearly. You have read and reread your paper countless times, so you will understandably miss surface errors in the text. Also, because you did the research and naturally understand what you are trying to say, it can be easy to overlook unclear reasoning in your claims and conclusions. But a dissertation editor will put a fresh set of eyes on your paper for proofreading and identifying any flaws in logic or areas that may need improvement or clarification.

Also, your bibliographic references and in-text citations must be correct if you want to produce a reliable, scholarly work, so they should be carefully checked for completeness and formatting. However, when you work on a paper for years, it’s easy to miss things here and there. A strong dissertation editor will be adept at your discipline’s citation style, and a superb editor will even cross-reference the in-text citations with the bibliography to ensure you have cited all of your sources fully and correctly.

Finally, each university has its own formatting requirements for published dissertations and theses, including particular settings for margins, tables, figures, headers, tables of contents, and appendices. These can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating to deal with, especially when you are focused on more critical parts of your research and other duties. Even more, small formatting issues can hold up your dissertation review board acceptance process considerably. To help you, an expert dissertation editor will be familiar with your university’s specific formatting requirements and skilled in using advanced document design functions.

Your PhD will be priceless, so hiring a qualified and reliable dissertation editor and writing coach is a smart and invaluable investment in your career. You need one, not only because they will help you meet your deadlines and lighten some of your workload, but also because they will ensure your work is polished up and error-free. All of this works to relieve your stress and improve the quality of your work and the ease of your dissertation submission process, making the last leg of your doctoral journey smoother and helping you finally—and with less stress—earn the PhD you’ve worked so very hard to get.


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