The Biggest Resume Mistakes

ResumeResumes are not an easy thing to create – especially not good ones. In fact, too many people overlook the importance of having an error-free resume, and don’t realize how damaging things like small fibs (or outright lies) on a resume can be to their career potential. Hiring managers are savvy, and have learned to quickly identify the weak resumes from the strong. Even more, in today’s highly competitive workforce, it’s critical that your resume is good enough to make you stand apart from the rest. Sure, you may have the credentials and experience, but if your resume doesn’t reflect them well, you could find yourself in a bind.

A good idea for any ambitious job seeker is to contact an expert who can format your resume and hone its content to best make you shine, but not everyone can afford to do that.

So, Senior VP of People Operations at Google, Lazlo Bock, who has personally reviewed 20,000 resumes at Google (where they sometimes receive 50,000 resumes in just a week), offers some good advice to help job seekers create an outstanding resume. Read more…

Below are some other articles that you may find to be useful resources. Good luck!


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